Current Amended Water Diversion Application, March 2007

Current Amended Water Diversion Application - March 2007

Appendices for Current Ammended Water Diversion Application - March 2007

Appendix A. Well Water Source Studies
Appendix B. Report of Water Supply Facilities - 1999
Appendix C. Lake Michigan Water Supply Study - 2001
Appendix D. Radionuclide Rule Compliance Master Plan - 2003
Appendix E. Water Utility Rules Wisconsin Public Service Commission 185
Appendix F. Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission
Appendix G. City of New Berlin Water Conservation Efforts
Appendix H. Information on Control of Sanitary Sewer Infiltration and Inflow
Appendix I. New Berlin Storm Water and Infiltration/Inflow Control Efforts

Original Application, June 2006

Original New Berlin Water Diversion Application - June 2006

Comments from States and Canadian Provinces of the Great Lakes Watershed

Ontario, Canada: Office of the Premier
Ontario, Canada: Minister of Natural Resources
Quebec, Canada: Minister of International Relations
Quebec, Canada: Office of the Premier
Ohio: Director, Division of Water, Department of Natural Resources
Illinois: Director, Department of Natural Resources
Michigan: Director, Office of the Great Lakes
Michigan: Office of the Attorney General
Pennsylvania: Office of Water Management
New York: Department of Environmental Conservation

Comments from Citizen and Government Organizations

Milwaukee County Conservation Coalition
Ecology Association of New Berlin
City of Milwaukee
New Berlin Land Conservancy, Inc.
Clean Wisconsin
Mark D. Gundrum, State Representative
Waukesha County Environmental Action League
Alliance for the Great Lakes, et. al.
Clean Wisconsin

Comments from Individual Citizens

Various Comments

DNR's New Berlin Correspondence File

State Letter Authorizing New Berlin to Pursue Lake Michigan Water, July 13, 2007
Notice of State Approval of New Berlin Diversion Proposal, July 13, 2007
Letter from Wisconsin DNR Outlining Reasons for Approval of New Berlin Diversion Proposal, July 13, 2007
New Berlin's "Fact Sheet" About Their Water Diversion Proposal, June 22, 2007

DNR Additional Diversion Information Request - January 2007
Notice of Completion of Radium Compliance - December 2006
DNR Radium Compliance Deadline - November 2006
DNR Response to New Berlin Water System Operation Plan - November 2006
New Berlin Radium Compliance Plan - October 2006

DNR Compliance Deadline Reminder - June 2006
DNR Notice of Missed Deadlines for Radium Compliance – February 2006
DNR Agrees with New Berlin's Delayed Request for Lake Michigan Water – March 2004
New Berlin Notifies DNR of Delayed Request for Lake Michigan Water – February 2004
Original Consent Order for New Berlin to Address Radium in Wells – January 2004

DNR Notice To New Berlin of Missing Consent Order – November 2003
Summary of Meeting Between DNR and New Berlin Officials to Discuss Pursuing Lake Michigan Water – September 2003