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A veteran conflict and environmental journalist, Peter Annin spent more than a decade reporting on a wide variety of issues for Newsweek. For many years he specialized in coverage of domestic terrorism and the radical right, including the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City and the Branch Davidian standoff outside Waco, Texas. He has spent many years writing about the environment as well, including droughts in the Southwest, hurricanes in the Southeast, wind power on the Great Plains, forest fires in the mountain West, recovery efforts on the Great Lakes, and the causes and consequences of the "dead zone" in the Gulf of Mexico.

In November of 2010, Annin was named managing director of the University of Notre Dame’s Environmental Change Initiative, a key branch of the University’s Strategic Research Investment program that will tackle the interrelated problems of invasive species, land use and climate change, focusing on their synergistic impacts on water resources. As managing director of ND-ECI, Annin will function as its chief operating officer and assist Professor David Lodge, ND-ECI’s director, in developing and implementing the Initiative’s intellectual and programmatic vision.

Before taking his new post, Annin worked for a decade as Associate Director of the Institutes for Journalism and Natural Resources, a nonpartisan national nonprofit that organizes educational fellowships for mid-career environmental journalists. ( In September 2006 he published his first book, The Great Lakes Water Wars, which has been called the definitive work on the Great Lakes water diversion controversy ( In 2007 the book received the Great Lakes Book Award for nonfiction.

Since 2004 Annin has served as the volunteer executive director of Gull Rock Lightkeepers, a nonprofit dedicated to restoring Gull Rock Lighthouse, a storied Lake Superior light 2.5 miles off Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula. ( He has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a master’s in international affairs from Columbia University in New York.

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